About Us

Dalian GuangMing Special Gas Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1994.It is honored as a high-Tech enterprise of Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone. Our company specializes in the development, production and sales of special gas. We mainly provide calibration gases, high pure gases, valves and related equipments for special gases, as well as gas packaging containers. Now, as a member unit of China Chemical Reference Materials Committee, our company is desi...More...

Ordering Information

☆We can supply you calibration gases, pure gases and other kinds of chemical products that mentioned in our web, as well as valves and related equipments for special gases, gas cylinders, gas sampling bags etc.
☆The related questions in security and analysis about calibration gases can be answered for you.
☆The term of validity on calibration gases in generally one year. If our products have any quality problems in the validity of gases, we will solve for you as soon as possible.
☆Please illustrate in details if ordering:
1,The component names and concentrations of calibration gases or the name and purity of high pure gases. 2, Specification and quantity of cylinder or gas sampling bag.
3,Name, specification, model, quantity of regulator or valve.
4,Transportation: by your own, with our goods vehicles, by road or by railway.

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Company Headquarters:
Add: NO. 596, Zhongshan Road, Shahekou District, Dalian.
Shanghai Branch:
Add:29G, T2 Building Jiahui Square, NO. 2601 Xietu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai.